The 7 Most Common Auto Insurance Claims

We all do our best to drive safely. If it was up to us, we would never need to file an auto insurance claim. But unfortunately no matter how safely you drive and no matter how much you want to be claim-free, an auto insurance claim is inevitable for most of us.

In 2017, auto insurance data showed that losses in the U.S. amounted to approximately $167.94 billion with 22.2% of households reporting that they filed at least one auto insurance claim.

Knowing what the most common auto insurance claims types are can help you to do your best to avoid some of those situations.

  1. Fender Benders

    These types of accidents typically involve another vehicle and no one is injured. The damage is usually around a couple of hundred dollars and not too severe. Most insureds aren’t aware that this kind of claim, although seemingly “not a big deal” can increase your premium.

  2. Whiplash

    Although people will joke about having whiplash, it can be a serious issue when it comes to medical costs. A whiplash collision claim is common because it only requires a jerking neck motion.

  3. Back Injuries

    Similar to whiplash, back injuries are fairly common claims because they can range from something as simple as a strained muscle to something more severe like a spinal issue. Back injuries can lead to large medical costs as well.

  4. Windshield Damage

    Windshield damage can easily happen during an accident or collision but it can also happen when a rock goes flying out from under the car in front of you. Windshield glass claims typically have a high deductible, which is why we aim to always include glass coverage if possible for our clients.

  5. Theft

    The theft of a vehicle is something that is completely out of our control most of the time. That is why there are several carriers that will offer a discounted rate for vehicles that have a quality security system in place. When a vehicle is stolen it will often lead to a much higher rate on the insured’s policy.

  6. Vandalism

    Depending on the area that you live in, auto insurance rates can be higher in areas that vandalism is reported regularly. Buying a policy that includes coverage for vandalism will always be worth the extra cost if you are in an area that has high vandalism reports.

  7. Animal Collisions

    Even if you don’t live in a rural area, it is possible to run into a deer or other animal on the road. These types of accidents can lead to large amounts of damage to your vehicle from colliding with the animal or other vehicles in the vicinity.

Although these common claims are often unavoidable when they happen, it can be helpful to be aware of the risks on the road and what to be prepared for. The best thing that you can do is speak with your agent to make sure that you are covered correctly and that your policy will protect you from the financial burden that these claims can bring.


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