Winter is Coming: Be Prepared - Don’t Become a White Walker!

As we roll into the cooler months, it means one thing: winter is coming. Just like the characters in HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones, you must prepare!

Winter is a time when you may actually need homeowners insurance more than any other season. Why? The risks are greater. Colder temperatures, guests slipping on ice, frozen pipes, and more occur in winter.

There are things you can do to winterize your home and boat in preparation for the long cold winter ahead, including those listed below.

Insulate Your Pipes

Winter can be especially brutal for your pipes. Preparing in advance can help you prevent the pain of frozen or bursting pipes. Consider using foam insulation around the exterior of your pipes to prevent water from freezing and expanding inside them, which may cause pipes to burst.

Salt Your Driveway

Using rock salt on your driveway can be instrumental in preventing ice from forming from snow melting and refreezing, sleet, and freezing rain. Using it on your driveway is important for preventing slips and falls when walking to your vehicles and to allow traction when coming and going.

Don’t forget to salt your sidewalks as well. You might even consider winning the neighbor of the week award by helping neighbors, especially elderly neighbors, salt their walks and driveways as well.

Protect Your Roof

It’s a good idea to inspect your roof well ahead of winter to make sure it’s ready for the brutal cold and heavy ice and snow ahead. Check your shingles, flashing, and caulking for damage, and look for holes or cracks in your roof that might cause leaking or lead to insurance claims.

Winterize Your Boat

Your boat provides your family with endless hours of summertime fun. But when winter comes, you want to make sure it is ready for winter storage and long months of inactivity and cold. Make sure all the water has been removed and drained from the engine.

Protect your engine with a corrosive protection agent. Remove your drain plugs and store your boat somewhere safe for the winter. Don’t forget to check with your insurance agent about potential money saving options for months when your boat is not in use. 

If you’re a first-time boat owner and need insurance or have questions about your coverage during the winter months, give us a call.

Watch for Fires

Many of today’s heating systems require either gas or electricity to operate. This creates a higher chance of fires. Homes that use fireplaces also experience greater risks of chimney fires and must watch for that. Make sure to have your chimney swept by a professional routinely.

Keep the area around your water heater clear of debris and other items to prevent fire hazards. It’s a good plan to revisit your insurance policy to make sure you have adequate dwelling protection in the event of a fire.

Final Thoughts

Winter will be here before you know it. And, for some of us, the cold and snow has already begun. These winter safety tips can be instrumental in helping you safeguard your home. Failing to take necessary precautions and actively work to prevent winter incidents in your home can cause your homeowner's insurance premiums to rise.

Protecting your home and preparing for winter can help you avoid these premium increases while keeping your home and family safer during the cold and snowy winter days ahead.


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