6 Reasons Life Insurance is the Perfect Valentine's Gift this Year

The most romantic holiday of the year is almost here. We’re talking about Valentine’s Day, of course! While many people are running around in search of the perfect gifts for their sweethearts, things like chocolate, roses, flowers, and wine; all of which are perfectly suitable ideas, one of the most romantic gifts often doesn’t even make the shortlist.

What is it you may ask?

It’s a life insurance policy.

Yep. That’s what we said. In fact, there are six perfectly good reasons life insurance is one of the most romantic gifts you can give your love this holiday. These are just six of the reasons why life insurance is such a romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day!Arnold-Insurance-Request-a-Quote


1. Alleviates Future Financial Expenses

No one is guaranteed tomorrow. But you can provide for your significant other and family long after you’re gone with a life insurance policy. This means the ones you leave behind won’t be overburdened, financially speaking, and unable to afford things such as:

  • College tuition
  • Burial expenses
  • Mortgage payments
  • Monthly bills
  • Car notes
  • And more

If something should happen to you, these expenses and financial needs for your family continue long after your income stops. Life insurance helps your family cover these vital costs.

2. Affordable Gift Option for the Coverage it Provides

Life insurance is a gift you give that doesn’t cost much today but may provide a substantial return on your investment if something happens and you are no longer there to provide for your loved ones. It’s a small price to pay for the potential benefits it delivers.

3. Life Insurance is a Gift that Lasts

Life insurance, unlike chocolates, flowers, and wine are gone within a week. Life insurance is a gift that lasts long after the day itself has been forgotten. It’s a gift that has so much to offer for the people you love and seek to protect from the worries of the world – at least the financial concerns.


4. Life Insurance is Romantic

Nothing shows you care for someone and that you want to provide for that person for the long haul better than investing in a life insurance policy to help meet their needs if you’re no longer able to meet them yourself. As far as romantic gestures go, this one certainly ranks near the top of the pile.

5. Life Insurance is Guaranteed to Fit

You never need to worry about returning this particular gift. Even if you aren’t sure of the right amount of life insurance coverage to meet your needs, we can help with that, you can always adjust your policy as your needs evolve (marriage, babies, buying a new home, empty nesting, retiring, etc.).

6. Life Insurance Shows You Care

When it comes to telling someone “I love you,” nothing beats showing that person that you want to continue taking care of them even after you leave this earth. Seriously, if you’re looking to turn up the “Wow!” factor this Valentine’s Day, life insurance is certainly an excellent gift to give.

Cupid Can’t Write You a Policy for Love, But Arnold Insurance Can

We know Cupid plays an important role in helping you meet your perfect match. Our role is to protect the one you love. Arnold Insurance can help with that by helping you choose the perfect life insurance policy or by simply ensuring they get the best coverage possible.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


Originally published 2/12/21 - Updated 2/5/24

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