Straight Talk: Tipping Our Hat to Chap

Originally published 1/15/21 - Updated 11/28/22

Our founder, Chap Arnold, started many great things here at Arnold Insurance. One of those included his quarterly newsletter: Straight Talk (does that name ring a bell?) 

Chap’s vision from the beginning was to bring information and resources to the public that would help them make the best decisions possible when it came to protecting the people they love and the businesses they worked so hard to establish.

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Building on that foundation, it made sense then, when we were deciding what to name our blog section, to continue the tradition started years ago with Straight Talk. We found that it was only fitting to bring it back and put more of a modern twist on it.

And, thus, Straight Talk was reborn!

Why Chap Started Straight Talk 

Chap noticed that we were missing an opportunity to connect with our clients by keeping them updated on what’s going on in the world of insurance and with us as an organization. He wanted to give everyone a deeper look into the insurance industry and provide them with a level of service you may not find with another agency. 

The newsletter consisted of agency advice, frequently asked questions, “Did You Know” segments, coverage for the unexpected, and a message from your agent. Download-our-free-ebook-Small-business-guide-to-proper-insurance-coverage

Why We Started Our Version 

We have that same desire - to connect with our clients - but this time, we do it digitally (like most everything today.) We wanted to carry on Chap’s vision and goals with his newsletter. While the questions and advice may have changed since then, we still wanted to remain true to what Chap started. And, these days, you may have even more questions about your insurance as the industry has evolved since 2001. 

Some good news: we’re here day and night to answer all of your questions and ease any concerns you may have about your insurance needs. 

On our blog, you’ll find us talking about everything from boat insurance to open enrollment for Medicare. We cover seasonal safety tips, cyber security, workers’ compensation, home, causes we support, community events, and much much more! 

Be The Difference 

Our story is different from most other insurance agencies. To us, “Be the Difference” means that we treat every client like family while getting them the right coverage at the best rate. “Be the Difference” means getting involved in our local communities to support other small businesses and causes near our hearts. “Be the Difference” means that our relationships with clients go beyond insurance, because to us, we’re more than just an insurance agency.  

To read more about Chap’s legacy, family values, and who we are as an organization check out our eBook, “Be The Difference” below. Download-our-free-ebook-be-the-difference-arnold-insurance

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