Arnold Insurance Honors Small Business Owners

Last year, the Arnold Insurance team felt a strong need to pay tribute to the overlooked but essential workers in our communities. As a result, we saluted them in the days following Independence Day. Today, we are saluting and honoring small business owners.

Small business owners are the people that run and operate the businesses that make up the backbone of our economy. A fact that is true throughout the Midwest and beyond. We believe the importance of small business in our society cannot be overstated for providing necessary goods and services, commitment to the community, and, of course, jobs! This is what we believe about small businesses.

Small Business Owners are Leaders

You do not become a successful small business owner by accident. You must have outstanding leadership skills to bring your team together and keep them working toward a common goal. That leadership extends into the community you serve and makes you an example of excellence on the local level, too. If you have operated a successful small business, you are truly a leader.New call-to-action

Small Business Owners are Resilient

Because life rarely offers smooth sailing, small business owners have learned to take the heavy hits that life’s rough waters can send your way. Knowing how to roll with these punches allows your business to succeed where so many others would give up or fail. If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it is the amazing capacity for small business owners to find new ways to carry on in light of the overwhelming challenges that face them.

Small Business Owners are Innovative

We believe that small business owners are masters of innovation. Whether you’ve perfected a product or found new ways to make your services more valuable to the community, your abilities to improve, grow, adapt, and overcome are remarkable. They make you stand out among the crowd and are critical for your success in business and in life.

Small Business Owners are Dedicated to Their Communities

Community service is the name of the game when you own a small business. You are contributing to your community in many ways, including the following:

  • Providing essential goods or services.
  • Providing employment opportunities.
  • Supporting local activities and events.
  • Promoting local charities and service organizations.

For those who are not yet small business owners, it is important to support these businesses that have built your community in hopes that they will continue to do so and may someday support your small business in return (if your dreams take you in that direction).

Small business owners are hard-working individuals that are integral parts of our national framework. Repay them and support your local economy by patronizing these small businesses and shopping locally. Don’t forget, while you’re at it, to thank your local workers and leaders as well. If you’re a small business owner who is looking for protection for your business ownership dream, be sure to contact the team of insurance professionals at Arnold Insurance to learn how we can help.


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